Complete the Houston Press' Best of Houston 2013 Readers' Poll to choose your favorite places to dine, drink, shop and more.

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Experts and authorities from around the country are sending us accolades saying Houston is the place to be. It has jobs, land, affordable housing, great arts and wonderful food. We’re even getting good marks for being healthy! Our city has a diverse population, one that’s always ready for new adventures.


Of course, the Houston Press and its readers have known all this for the past 25 years. And this, our Silver Anniversary, seems the best time ever to acknowledge the choicest of our city’s restaurants and bars, sports and recreation, shopping and services and arts and entertainment.


The rest of the country is saying Houston has arrived. We’ll say thanks to that, but have to add: What took you so long?


Voting ends at 11:59pm on September 22, 2013.

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